Kiden , 11 years old wrote:

Do you ever get bored with your clothes? I have… more than once! Well here are a few tips for you to restyle your clothes.

step one: pick a base color, a base color is a color that almost anything can match. Great summer base colors are mint green, and almost all pale colors!

step two: find a shirt that is that base color, put it to the side, you will need that for later! But make sure the shirt is plain!

step three: find the perfect bottoms! Bottoms that are great for the summer are blue jean shorts (white shorts look the best) and skirts. Be sure that the skirt is exactly the same color, or the skirt is a darker color, or lighter if the shirt is darker. Floral skirts are so in right now! Or get a plain white skirt with lace… so cute!!!!

step four: pick out some perfect shoes!!!!! Some great styles are vans, converse, and any kind of cute sandal. but the shoes must match!

Step five: find a cute handbag, scarf, necklace, you name it!

For any of those things, make sure it matches! It does not have to be the same color Just make sure it looks good together! But always add a bracelet and a cute pair of earrings!

step six: throw your hair in a messy bun, ponytail, braid, or if it is short let it hang out! Add the most perfect summer makeup ( if you can) and if you cannot then add some eos lip balm! Those come in plenty of colors! Or baby lips, lip balm stick!

Throw it all together and look fab!!

Great tips, Kiden! How do you restyle your clothes? Share in a comment!

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