Shark attacks, of course, are no laughing matter. The good news? The chance of ANY of us getting bitten by a shark is very, very slim. That said, the one type of shark bite we can all get excited about? The shark bite blouse.

The “shark bite” refers to the hem.  When you look at the blouse from the front, it looks as if a shark has taken a bite out of the bottom. The hem is short in the front (like an inverted scoop) and longer in back. The overall effect is super cute, and designers often use a variety of material with this hem. So you might see a long-sleeved shark bite top made out of cotton or a sleeveless top made out of flowy, gauzy material. Both types would be super comfy, which is always a plus, right?

The beauty of this style (no matter what the material) is that you can go casual and wear it with jeans and sneakers, dress it up with a skirt and some cute ballet flats or sandals, or even use it as a cover-up on the beach. We love flexible clothing options that give you tons of choices. That’s what makes for a happy FPgirl closet, right??

Added bonus: for you fashionistas out there that love to sew, the shark bite is easy and fun to cut out by hand. Yay!!

So, what say you, FPgirl…yes or no to shark bite blouses?? Share in the comments!!!